Bored with the usual pixel-perfect pictures? Missing the good old times with blocky, color limited displays, dithering and attribute clashes? Then look no further--you've found the real retro camera!

Nerdstalgia allows you to see the world through the eyes of your favourite retro systems: Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, PCW, CGA (modes 0 and 1), EGA, Hercules and Gameboy... and everything is processed and displayed REALTIME! No more waiting for pictures to be processed.

The pictures you take are saved to the Nerdstalgia folder in the SD Card. The application also includes a lightweight gallery to browse through the pictures without having to hook the phone to a computer.

IMPORTANT: Please be aware that this is an EXTREMELY resource intensive application. For the best performance and frame rate, make sure you're using a phone with a fast processor.

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You can also browse the latest reviews and install the app at the Play Store.

Requires a device with a camera, SD card and OS 2.1 or better.

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  • The realtime processing feature actually makes it better than its iOS competition. (prosthetic knowledge)
  • Instagram too hipster-y? Give your photos the Speccy / C64 / EGA look with the Nerdstalgia Android app (@speccynews)
  • Watch out hipstamatic. For true nostalgia look: Nerdstalgia (@sampok)

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