to_the_beat // js

Synchronising some crazy WebGL visuals to the output generated by sorollet, my own JavaScript music synth.

Made for DemoJS 2013 / Paris 28-30 June.


This is a port of an early 64K intro that I built in 2008 using the first version of Sorollet (back then a C project). You can read about that version here. I wanted to watch it again but the binary version was for Mac G4's, I didn't have a Rosetta environment and I didn't want to set up a compiler and all that either, so I decided to liberally port this to JavaScript, using the work-in-progress Sorollet.js port that I had already started.

The source code is on github.

It also uses Three.js and Tween.js

HINT: Try pressing 'd' during playback for getting access to the awesomeness. Alternatively, view the source!