Emulate the ie6 experience, right in your Android phone!

No real browsers were harmed or involved during the development of this joke :P

What people said

Selected reviews from the Market:

  • I'm not easily amused, but this thing is great :D
  • The app I've been waiting for! I can finally use my favourite browser on my phone, and it's exactly the same as the PC version too!
  • Excellent app! Brings Explorer experience to android perfectly. Would be even more realistic if it crashed my phone every time it opened.
  • Excellent! Excellent! Brilliant! So realistic!
  • Perfect emulation. All features included.
  • grrrrrrr
  • Excellent, now I have the power of Windows on my android
  • A must have for all geeks out there.
  • Excellent browser, much better than the Android default.

True story

This app was rejected from the Play store after being installed a good number of times "due to trademark infringements". Unsure if it was an automatic process or if someone at Microsoft got very angry at this joke.

ie6 for Android