Valencia, Barcelona, London

A sketchbook

by Soledad Penadés

Prologue from the book

An sketchbook: an escape route and entertainment, and also a way to learn and experiment. And more: in these ultradigital and connected times, where the norm is for people to keep their eyes fixated in their mobile devices, it's surprising and atypical to find someone sketchbook and pen in hand. Most of the people simply get surprised, while others get nervous, wondering whether I am a plain clothes inspector, and others even get shocked ("are you really drawing people on trains?!")

But why not? What better way to learn about the world, to really see things?

Please feel free to turn the page and see my world between February and beginning of June of 2012. Also, consider yourself invited to share your world with everyone else. Pick a sketchbook and a pencil, and get drawing, having fun, learning and sharing!