Summer struggle

(or: yearly decluttering and my perennial fight against nostalgia)

by Soledad Penadés

Prologue from the book

Dog days are here, and I unavoidably succumb to the yearly ritual: decluttering the wardrobe.

It can be done quickly, in an aseptic, effective manner, or it can be done while drowning in hesitation, with the most exasperating slowness due to the bursting nostalgia.

The latter is my case, in which each garment carries such a bunch of memories and experiences that it's almost impossible to get rid of it: this is an experience that, if not traumatic, could certainly be labelled as highly emotional.

To better cope with it, I decided to capture my vision and experiencies with each garment in this small book, like an eulogy attempts to fight oblivion immediately after the tragedy.

Perhaps I'm not afraid of parting with stuff, but of forgetting about the past.