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5013 is one of Soledad Penad├ęs's multiple aliases.

As 5013[1], she focuses on digital artistic endeavours. Or what is nowadays referred to as creative coding.

She accidentally started to program when she was eight years old. Later, she pursued a complete Computer Science Engineering degree. Then she moved to London and there she's worked on several companies of various sizes and goals, so she has quite a bit of experience in many programming languages and technologies, both as back- and front-ender.

Nowadays she's focused on Javascript, HTML5 and all things web, as they allow her to do what she likes most: making things move and bleep, and share them with the world.



hello at 5013.es

Currently working for Mozilla available for freelance/contract work. Making the web the best platform!!!

Please note she's not currently available for free/charitable work, unless the offer is really, really, really, REALLY interesting.

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*NOTE: 5013 is her nickname Sole, but in 1337 sp34k